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Planning to Use a Your System Provider

Before you talk to a telephone system provider, it’s important to gather some basic information about your current situation.

The following checklist is intended help with your planning:

  1. How many employees are in your organisation?
  2. How many locations do you have that need service?
  3. How many remote or mobile users do you have that will not have a local office?
  4. What are your current broadband connection details - bandwidth, type, lines and so on? Make sure to have as much information available as possible, including current supplier and level of service.
  5. What is your current network load and available unused bandwidth? Your provider may want to test your network to determine this information for themselves, as if you don’t have enough you may need a network or broadband upgrade.
  6. What type of servers does your system run on? Your service provider may need the manufacturer name, model number and most importantly, operating system details.
  7. What are your existing phone system details? Manufacturer number of lines, connections or any line features such as call barring
  8. Do you have any need or desire to keep existing lines?
  9. What is your budget? Your total project cost limits or cost per user per month?
  10. What is your mix of calling? Average amount of internal, local, or international calls per month. If you don’t know, have a few months of recent phone bills handy.
  11. What is your percentage of inbound versus out-bound calls?
  12. Do you need an incoming 03 number to measure call flow and call source?
  13. Do you have a receptionist/phone operator or do you want an auto-attendant?
  14. Do you need to be able to make conference calls? How large, how many and across how many locations?
  15. Do you need a call centre with wall boards and call reporting?
  16. Do you need integrated voice response (voice menus)?
  17. Do you need to integrate with Outlook or other office systems?
  18. How fast are you going to need to grow the system and how frequently?
  19. What level of service and SLAs (service level agreements) do you need?

The benefits to you of working with us are:

  • Integrity and honesty are core to our business values
  • An open and transparent approach to our costs and prices
  • Access to the best manufacturers of business telephone systems
  • Great service backed up by numerous customer testimonials
  • A great range of services to choose from

What our clients say about the Direct Line...

Tony has been in and showed me how to move people around, you have a great team around you, everybody is so helpful...

Excellent communications. Doing BT's job for them putting the broadband connection in the correct place...