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When did you last review your data services?

Feb 4, 2019

By putting communications services, your business applications and data in the cloud, companies can yield huge benefits. But, robust data connectivity is the key to giving access to the cloud ....

With cloud-based services, you can quickly and easily scale provision to your business needs. New users can be added instantly. You only pay for what you use. And if you need to increase capacity at crucial moments – as a Call Centre might at busy periods – then that can be done with minimal admin and disruption to other users.

Most cloud applications are monthly subscription services, meaning that businesses can effectively manage their costs. Moving from capital expenditure to operational expenditure leads to long-term savings that keep the bottom line healthy and outgoings predictable.

In the digital age, service loss can be disastrous. Suddenly becoming unavailable to customers can lead to damaging loss of revenue and reputation, especially for small businesses. Cloud services typically have robust backup measures in place to mitigate any service loss, meaning that companies can rest assured there will be no crippling downtime but what happens if your broadband or data connection fails?

For example, are you planning to have capabilities such as voice delivered over the internet? Poor quality connectivity used for VoIP can result in low call quality or even call loss. When a customer is contacting your business, this could be the difference between a profitable sale and harmful lost revenue. The same goes for cloud-based business applications or data storage. Throttled connections to a cloud CRM system could lead to failure in processing customer orders. While an inability to access business data stored in the cloud could bring an entire organisation to a standstill. Having the right connectivity solution that suits the needs of your business is crucial.

Many people understand that powerful connectivity is the key to running cloud applications successfully (and therefore, running their business successfully). But they believe that the data services they need to power this aren’t available to them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The growth in the availability of connectivity services and the number of providers around has expanded the number of solutions on the market. What’s more, because of this increased choice, there are options to suit a variety of budgets and requirements. This means that businesses must do their homework when it comes to choosing a suitable provider. One size doesn’t fit all. Businesses should look for a provider that meets their needs by offering a range of cloud-based connectivity services.

Dedicated and uncontended Ethernet services are suitable for cloud connectivity. These can be used to consolidate voice and data into one connection.

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is also available in certain areas potentially offering your business leased line quality at affordable prices and again suitable for voice and data.

Leased Lines are still classed as Best of Bread and the rates for 50 or 100 Mbps have never been as low as they are today.

You want a provider that can support all your business needs, today and in the future. Compatibility with other Cloud applications and storage must also be considered. The more joined up these factors are, the less time is needed to chase up various suppliers. We can offer you a single point of contact, a single bill and help you eliminate hours’ worth of admin time.

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