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Five tech tips to take on your bigger rivals

Jul 5, 2019

When you’re working in a competitive marketplace, it’s easy to look to some of your larger peers with envy.

customer-satisfactionWith their hundreds of staff and seemingly endless resources, how can you possibly hope to compete?

Thankfully, that’s where modern technology can be your business’s best friend. Here are five ways you can put technology to good use to help your business punch above its weight, and compete with even your biggest rivals.

1 - Connectivity

Once upon a time, a small business might have had no choice but to operate over a slow, residential broadband connection.

But things have changed.

Today, dedicated business broadband can provide you with the kind of service levels only previously available to large businesses – in extremely affordable packages. 

And, should your connectivity requirements be a little greater, you can even access Ethernet leased lines – and they might be cheaper than you think. 

The point is, high performance, affordable connectivity is available to businesses of any size. And with Direct Line Communications, it’s affordable, unlimited and backed up by expert, UK-based service and support.

2 - Collaboration

From business mobile to remote working and video conferencing, you can collaborate with your clients, employees and customers anytime, anywhere. 

Arming your employees (and yourself) with the tools to stay in touch flexibly – from home, on the train, on site, on the beach – keeps communication flowing smoothly. It means you don’t have to wait until office hours to get the deal done, it means you can respond to customer concerns in a timely fashion, and it means you don’t have to all be in the same room to make effective decisions.

And that means a business that can act with greater speed and agility, proactively meeting the needs of employees, customers and clients alike.

3 - Finance

financeAre you still writing paper receipts? Tracking your payments through large deskbound ledgers?

Nowadays, you can easily track payments, manage your invoices, plan your finances and even process card payments through your smartphone or tablet.

From QuickBooks to PayPal and beyond, there’s probably a good app to make any part of your business’s finances that much more streamlined and effective.

4 - Cloud

You don’t need to be a multinational business to benefit from what the cloud has to offer. It’s not all about huge remote data centres.

Even at a relatively small level, the cloud can bring many benefits to your business.

Take Office 365 for example. Microsoft’s cloud office suite enables you to access those vital files from anywhere, at any time. It helps collaboration, remote working and communication, and lets you add and remove users quickly and easily.

And cloud also means web and email hosting, vital when you’re trying to expand your business.

5 - Building your brand

Technology, and the internet in particular, can be invaluable in building your brand. It can help to give a smaller business the visibility and ‘presence’ of one much larger.

Introducing ecommerce to your website, for example, might take your sales from local to national or even international. An effective website can easily give your business a national presence – even if you are based in a small local office.

With a service like Sip Trunks you can even choose a number with any UK area code. And that means you can easily create the impression of a national (or local) presence.

Using easily accessible tools and services can make a world of difference to your brand, helping you to compete with your bigger rivals at a fraction of the budget.

Of course, there's lots more you can do, but putting modern technology and connectivity services to good use is a great place to start.

The benefits to you of working with us are:

  • Integrity and honesty are core to our business values
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  • Access to the best manufacturers of business telephone systems
  • Great service backed up by numerous customer testimonials
  • A great range of services to choose from

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