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5G roll outs are underway

Nov 27, 2019

What does this mean to your business when it comes to contract renewal time again? At this point - Liverpool and Manchester are the nearest cities to gain access to the new spectrum, Chester, Wirral and North Wales are on the road map, but when, is a bit like a piece of string….

5G roll outs are underwayThere is no official speed standard for 5G as yet, but the experts suggest it will to be up to 10 times faster than 4G – and this means it’s potentially faster than home fiber broadband. However, buyer beware! Speed test show certain towns already live with 5G are performing at lower than expected speeds. This is partially due to new technology bedding in but also different speeds depend on which network you contract with!

The graph below illustrates the current speed range that the networks are delivering, and it is interesting to see Three, who are potentially viewed as the “quiet under dog”, could be leading the way in the short term:


So what should you do if you have a mobile contract due for renewal in the next 3 months?

We suggest you check with us to see what the 5G scenario is in your main work location. If roll out dates are still unconfirmed, then we offer 30 day rolling agreements with all the main networks, this way, you can keep services that work now without the hassle of long term commitment. Take the best 5G service when it becomes available using our checkers.

Just one other thing to consider-you will need new hardware for 5G connectivity, so if you plan to regrade, then ask about the new mobile 5G devices available. You can change these sooner, rather than later as they still work on 4G or 3G, as do the SIM cards.

5G the next generation of mobile technology and IOT

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