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Mitel MiVoice Office 250 and Mitel MiVoice Business IP Communications Platforms

Helps you communicate with customers and colleagues any time anywhere...

Mitel has developed a complete range of business communications solutions, designed to meet the needs of any business and provide the tools to improve productivity and efficiency for a tangible return on investment.

Mitel platforms address small business to large enterprise requirements, with extensive telephony features, robust call control, and support for a wide range of innovative desktop devices and applications.

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Why Mitel?

MiVoice Office ensures small and medium sized businesses are more flexible and responsive. Through a complete suite of out-of-the-box business productivity applications.

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Call Recording for Customer Retention and Superior Service

Mitel MiVoice for Lync Brochure (PDF)

Users can seamlessly move between desktop and mobile devices, even in mid-conversation, with all business applications available and intact. One phone number can reach them at any location – office, car, home, hotel, wherever. Messaging can be integrated, so there’s no checking multiple voice mailboxes...and so much more.

  • No more Out of Office- twin your mobile with your phone system so that you are never unavailable, unless you want to be!
  • Remote workers can have the same features as they would in the office at no additional cost
  • Built in Conferencing means you can collaborate instantly  without having to pay a hosted conference provider
  • Phone Manager also offers an easy to use app that means you can screen pop (CTI) , identify if your colleague are available, shows call history, allows instant messaging between users and store unlimited business numbers.
  • Respond to call backs from customers from your website.

Mitel has a wide range of business phone systems to suit businesses and organisations with 1 - 99 sites and unlimited numbers of employees. These include integrated landline, mobile and VoIP telephone systems.

We supply complete business telephone systems based on either the Mitel MiVoice Office 250 Communications Platform or the Mitel MiVoice Business IP Communications Platform. Designed specifically to suit the requirements of small to large businesses and organisations. These systems are adaptable, scalable, reliable and feature-rich.

Mitel communications solutions include software applications, call systems and sophisticated yet intuitive desktop devices. All are designed for ease of use and ease of management; plus they are adaptable to the customers' needs.

Watch the Mitel telephone systems video for a detailed overview of the features available in the Mitel range of business telephone systems...

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Why Buy Mitel?

  • Streamline routing to quickly connect customers to the most appropriate person
  • Respond faster to changing call queue conditions
  • Monitor and improve employee performance.
  • The systems hybrid architecture makes it a highly versatile and scalable solution
  • Comfortably able to meet your current and future needs
  • Increase efficiency by connecting your phone system to patient's records
  • Integrating Mitel with EMIS Health means straightforward and also instant access to the right records

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Excellent communications. Doing BT's job for them putting the broadband connection in the correct place...