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Business Lines and Calls

"Network services from the team you can trust"

Our carrier pre select switching is a simple process. We will make all the necessary arrangements to move your services over as part of our line and call management solution.

From single business lines to complex multi-site solutions-we can provide a competitive solution for you. However, Openreach have declared that ISDN and even the traditional copper lines used for your broadband, will be switched off by 2025.

188 locations will be affected as soon as June 2021. If you want to check if your Exchange is one of the early sites, click here to see our check list.

Benefits of switching today are:

  • Competitive call rates - with internet lines calls are often free
  • No need to dial a prefix code
  • Reduced line rental charges
  • Dedicated Account Manager

All your existing features will continue to be available and Direct Line Communications will manage the transfer process, leaving you to focus on your business. Openreach apply an admin charge when you move between providers - ask us for a quote, we never mark up these fees.

Line Rental features include:

  • Keep your existing number
  • CLIP (calling line identification)
  • COLP (connected line identification)
  • Total Care (24x7 support)
  • Call Diversion
  • Fraud Protection

Inbound Call Services

Our Inbound service provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools to empower your business and drive customer service, packed with features to help you manage incoming calls, providing greater business efficiency, resilience, flexibility and better customer service. Inbound is everything your business needs.

Using our online portal or mobile app you can set up call plans then see how many calls your business is receiving, how many are answered and how many are missed. You can improve customer service by better managing callers during busy hours, or when your office is closed.

The benefits of non-geo numbers:

  • Redirecting or ‘porting’ your non-geo by changing the 'underlying' phone number is effortless, with no down time.
  • Give your business a national non-geographic image.
  • Stand out from the crowd with a Freephone or Lower Rate number and win that important first call.
  • Use numbers to monitor different marketing campaigns.
  • Build a professional image
  • Build a revenue stream
  • Disaster recovery - by simply redirecting your non-geographic number to an alternative landline.
  • Flexible non-geo call routing options help you manage inbound call traffic. Ideal for call centres.

So, call us now to discuss moving your business lines and calls to Direct Line.

Other Services

As well as providing your existing lines or moving you over to internet lines, we can also install new lines for you, we can install the following:

  • SIP trunks - IP trunk lines approved for connection to all leading business systems - Click here to view our SIP trunks page
  • Fast business broadband
  • Internet leased lines
  • Business Mobile Contracts

When you get your phone bill do you know what it means?

Click here for an anatomy of a phone bill

The benefits to you of working with us are:

Line Rental
  • Direct access to Openreach’s engineering appointments diary, diagnostics tools and line availability checker
  • Faster, better & more reliable service provided
No Delay on New Orders
  • Eliminate confusion during the order process
Superior assurance Facilities
  • Includes line testing and pro-active status reports
  • Provides us with the answers to your questions before you ask them


What our clients say about the Direct Line...

Tony has been in and showed me how to move people around, you have a great team around you, everybody is so helpful...

Excellent communications. Doing BT's job for them putting the broadband connection in the correct place...