Choosing your Connectivity

Choosing your Connectivity

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Fibre Broadband

Fibre offers exceptional speeds of up to 330 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up, in other words you can have broadband that is up to 40 times faster than ADSL used to be. Click here to read more about your options and see which is ideal for voice and data. You will be surprised how little it can cost.

Unlike with other kinds of broadband service, the speed you get with FTTC doesn't depend on how far your premises are from the local BT exchange, but rather how far you are from the local cabinet, which is great news for many small businesses! Some companies are enjoying a 20x increase in download speed and even higher in the other direction, for a very small increase in cost.


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FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband uses a full fibre optic connection from a given network to the cabinets (the green ones you see on the streets), using copper wire to your home from the cabinet. Ask us today if FTTC is available to your offices. FTTC was designed to serve the domestic market, but small businesses can operate on this platform. However, we strongly advise adding Business Care so that you have better SLA in the event of an outage.

This is ideal for companies with up to 10 people working online.

Ultrafast Full Fibre (FTTP)

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The benefits to your business of implementing the right data connection go beyond cost efficiencies and speedy web browsing. In an age when more and more business applications are becoming cloud based, the correct data connection will allow your business to gain efficiencies in a variety of areas. This includes being able to embrace the latest collaboration tools and technologies to help your staff work smarter.

Suitable from 1 to 50 users, Ultrafast Fibre (FTTC and Ultrafast Full-Fibre (FTTP) Broadband gives you faster download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 48 Mbps. This increased speed, reliability and reduced latency enables you to take full advantage of bandwidth intensive and real time applications in the cloud. The distance data travels over copper lines affects the speeds that can be provided. This means that higher speeds can now be provided as the distance the data travels over copper has been reduced by the introduction of fibre. As with standard ADSL broadband services, the speeds are still asymmetrical, with greater download than upload speeds.

The benefits to you of working with us are:

Assured and Converged Products
  • designed specifically for use with our range of market-leading voice services
Assured and Converged Products
  • designed specifically for use with our range of market-leading voice services
Fast Fixing Broadband Services
  • If Broadband connection is critical to your business, you can upgrade your maintenance package for an even faster fix time
Swift and Stable Testing
  • Proactive call testing and analysis for all platforms and services connected with ourselves

Whether you are using Broadband for your office or for homeworking, the combination of our product choice and our highly-skilled UK-based support teams makes our Broadband services a compelling proposition

What is a leased line?

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A leased line is a permanent, dedicated high performance telecommunications network connection which can carry voice, data and Internet traffic via a copper or fibre optic connection between a customer site and a Point of Presence (POP).

Leased lines are ideal if your business uses or wants to implement a VPN (Virtual Private Network).With a leased line, you always have access to 100% of your line capacity - this means that if you purchase a 10Mbps leased line, then 100% of the time, 24/7 you get 10Mbps of bandwidth. We can quote you for 100MB on 1Gig Bearer and advise you what capacity you are likely to need.

A leased line is inherently secure in its own right because it operates as a point to point service. However, if a connection is provided to the Internet, additional security services will need to be implemented such as firewalls.

Our Leased Line and Ethernet customers are covered by a 100% SLA. If your service is unavailable at any stage, you are entitled to service credits as compensation.

"Virtual Private Network overview" by Ludovic.ferre (talk · contribs) - Own work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.

One of the major IT challenges in today’s mobile-centric environment is how to deploy, maintain, and manage a secure Wi-Fi network in a simple and cost-effective way.

Our Wi-Fi solutions can also provide you with everything you need to overcome these concerns. Ask our Team for more information

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