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Fibre Broadband

Fibre offers exceptional speeds of up to 330 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up, in other words you can have broadband that is up to 40 times faster than ADSL. Call us today to ask about FTTP Fibre to the Premises , FTTC and Converged FTTC which is ideal for voice and data, you will be surprised how little it can cost

Unlike with other kinds of broadband service the speed you get with FTTC doesn't depend on how far your premises are from the local BT exchange, but rather how far you are from the local cabinet, which is great news for many small businesses! Some companies are enjoying a 20x increase in download speed and even higher in other direction, for a very small increase in cost. So - do ask us today if FTTC is available to your offices.

Once you experience superfast broadband you really will wonder how you ever did without it. This is ideal for companies with up to 10 people working online.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

If you are looking for an alternative solution to fibre-based leased lines or standard broadband then this is the one for you.

EFM is the perfect formula for small to medium sized businesses that require corporate class bandwidth and SLAs without the high costs of full fibre circuits.

Many Businesses who still use ADSL broadband as their primary link to the internet are finding that they are now struggling to cope with the demands of bandwidth-hungry applications and services such as Voice over IP, Cloud Computing and remote VPN sessions.

Delivered over standard copper pairs rather than fibre, EFM technology is fast and cost effective and highly recommended for customers who are looking for a quick and easy installation (starting from 25 working days) or for those who have problems with fibre access to their premises.

We can deliver between 2Mbps – 35Mbps symmetric speeds providing an Ideal platform for hosted services and applications such as Cloud computing and Voice over IP.

Benefits of EFM

  • A truly uncontended service
  • Symmetric bandwidth speeds
  • Short install times (from 25 working days)
  • Increased resilience through multi-pair design
  • Low latency
  • Enhanced SLA
  • Ideal upgrade from ADSL and SDSL
  • Unlimited usage
  • Cost effective

One of the major IT challenges in today’s mobile-centric environment is how to deploy, maintain, and manage a secure Wi-Fi network in a simple and cost-effective way. Our Wifi solution provides you with everything you need to overcome these concerns. Click here for more information on Torrent Streaming

Benefits of Our Fibre to Cabinet Services

Excellent Value
  • Competitively priced
  • Developed to meet your voice and data business requirements.
Channel Partners Network
  • Built and maintained to deal with any circumstances, without you needing to worry
Help & Support
  • We can assist in moving circuits over to our range of business data services and maintain them
Fast & Flexible
  • Our Fibre Ethernet service delivers up to 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth
  • Not only is it fast, but flexible too so you can start small and upgrade later

What our clients say about the Direct Line...

We have used Direct Line Communications as our Telecoms Advisers since moving into our first office 12 months ago...

I just wanted to say how pleased I have been with our switch for lines and calls to Direct Line Communications...