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Phone Call Recording Systems

Be it for contractual verification or selective quality and training purposes, Direct Line Communications can supply the recording system platform that provides the answer, from recording phone calls from a single extension up to a fully networked, CTI driven, multi-channel application.

MiVoice Call Recording & Quality Management enables your organization to quickly capture, archive, organise, playback and share voice documentation for valuable insight into customer interactions. With a complete suite of quality assurance, evaluation and e-learning tools, you’re empowered to instantaneously review call handling performance to ensure adherence to best practices and uncover coaching opportunities.

Working for a highly scrutinized organisation, working to call recording compliance? Unlock the benefits of call recording using MiVoice Call Recording’s powerful voice documentation security and privacy features—including segmented recording access, encrypted media streaming, centralized file delivery and automated data lifecycle management.

Other Options

Utilising the latest in DVD technology, archiving and storage of calls is simple, with an automatic library process providing fast access to recordings made months or even years ago.

Whether you need to capture and retrieve call recordings with the minimum of fuss for regulatory compliance or for business improvement through higher levels of customer satisfaction, call recording works with all technologies - ISDN, SIP and VoIP - in whatever combination you have chosen and includes high level encryption.

In addition to a host of powerful call recording features, today's systems also include mobile call recording.

You can also record calls with our easy-to-use conference phones that deliver superior sound quality - essential for productive remote meetings.

The models in Konftel's 300 series use OmniSound®HD, which delivers HD-quality audio and also useful features like the conference guide, phonebook and conference group storage, to help get your meetings up and running. Many of the models can also connect calls from different connections or lines.

Another smart feature bringing added value to your meetings is audio recording to SD cards. Calls and dictations recorded on the memory card can be played back, saved or shared.

To find the model that best suits your needs, think about how you want to meet. Fixed-line or wireless, small or large situations? Whatever you decide on, you'll be amazed by the outstanding audio quality of these phone call recording systems. 

TruGuide to Konftel Conference Phones

Why Use Our Call Recording Systems?

Improve Your Own Customer Service
  • Quickly resolve any customer disputes by instantly playing back recordings of calls
  • Ensure adherence to best practices and customer service delivery in a legal and ethical way
Secure and Effective
  • share or email recordings directly from a stored network location, making complex messages/discussions easier
  • In a highly regulated industry? Record all calls for compliance purposes
  • if you take credit card payment details over the phone, you’ll appreciate our PCI-compliant pause and resume capability

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