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Small Business Telephone Systems

We provide a range of small business telephone systems suitable for growing offices or start up companies. Consider Panasonic NS700, NEC SL1100 & Cloud (VoIP) Business Telephone Systems, suitable for growing business with scalable for growth. We are experts in helping businesses choose the right business telephone system for them.

A business telephone system for small businesses, can use different types of lines (also known as a hybrid telephone system) The phone is often the life blood of business communications, so it is important for businesses to choose the right phone system. In terms of phone systems brands, there are a number of phone systems suitable for business use, the trouble is, businesses who are not accustomed to the phone system marketplace will struggle.

Before you consider purchasing a telephone system for your business, consider a few factors when narrowing down your system choice:

  • How many calls do you need to make and receive at one time?
  • How many users do you need of your telephone system?
  • Will you need your phone system to have the ability to forward calls to mobiles?
  • What other features would you like your phone system to incorporate?
  • Would you like a telephone system that can easily expand with new employees?
  • Do you want to own or lease your phone system?

The typical price for a small business telephone system, can vary massively. The higher specification business telephone systems also vary, the more features, handsets & lines you require on the telephone system, the more the price varies. Arrange a free no obligation meeting to assess your options or email sales@dlc.co.uk

The benefits to you of working with us are:

  • Integrity and honesty are core to our business values
  • An open and transparent approach to our costs and prices
  • Access to the best manufacturers of business telephone systems
  • Great service backed up by numerous customer testimonials
  • A great range of services to choose from

What our clients say about the Direct Line...

Tony has been in and showed me how to move people around, you have a great team around you, everybody is so helpful...

Excellent communications. Doing BT's job for them putting the broadband connection in the correct place...