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Torrent Streaming

Small, Medium Enterprises and large organisations need to have complete visibility of all Wi-Fi users on their network in order to prevent, identify, and fend off potential intruders. 4ipnet’s WLAN solution supports both 802.1X and browser-based authentication, making sure you have the proper identification of users before granting access to the network. Companies are at risk to Torrent Streaming if you don’t have WiFi Authentication and if someone abuses your broadband connection, then you are at risk of being “Blacklisted” by the networks.

Torrenting involves the downloading of files to your computer so you can watch or use them later, while streaming is a kind of real-time feed that you access online but which involves no files being saved on your hard drive. It’s like the difference between recording a program or watching it live.

Typically streaming is done through legal, paid subscriptions services like Netflix, NowTV and many more, although YouTube is an obvious notable exception (not on legality, but because it doesn't require a subscription). Torrenting is often touted as illegal and dangerous, your data provider will alert you if you have been a victim of Torrenting, but you can prevent an attack.

4ipnet provides the perfect solution to address the coffee shop Wi-Fi squatter dilemma by limiting free Wi-Fi access by duration or time, venue owners can better maintain open seats for new purchasing customers. Multiple billing plans can also be enabled to create tiered Wi-Fi service with different usage quotas, price, and network access privileges.

With out of the box interfaces between the 4ipnet controller to external platforms such as payment gateways and social media, 4ipnet’s simplifies the deployment and configuration for guest self-registration in public Wi-Fi deployments. Current interfaces include:

  • External Payment Gateways (e.g. PayPal, WorldPay, SecurePay)
  • Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Google+
  • Oracle Micros Opera PMS
  • SMS Gateways
  • Ticket Printers

The benefits to you of working with us are:

  • Integrity and honesty are core to our business values
  • An open and transparent approach to our costs and prices
  • Access to the best manufacturers of business telephone systems
  • Great service backed up by numerous customer testimonials
  • A great range of services to choose from

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